The hottest street in Nanjing now has a large grou

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On February 5, a scene in the streets of Nanjing made people sweat: a man riding an electric car carrying three tightly wrapped children, took the electric car as a car, and wrapped it tightly from inside to outside. Although it can keep warm, I'm afraid it's dangerous because it blocks your sight and inconvenient to move

at the intersection of Longpan Middle Road, Daguang Road, Nanjing, a cyclist with three people was waiting for a red light at the zebra crossing. Not only was the location eye-catching, but the people crowded on the electric car were eye-catching, and the R & D ability of aluminum processing enterprises was gradually enhanced and the product quality was improved. The cyclist and the two children sitting behind him were back-to-back. They didn't feel uncomfortable in the face of passers-by's strange eyes, and they all looked magnanimous. When the green light came on, the electric car rode quickly, and the car disappeared first. It is understood that this "belt and three" phenomenon occurs from time to time. Riding an electric vehicle by four people is a serious violation. An overloaded electric vehicle will reduce the braking effect. The power of the electromechanical should be at least 46. Once a dangerous situation occurs, it is very likely to fail to brake, and the consequences are unimaginable

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