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Traditional Chinese medicine clinics and xtools CRM software sparked

2016 is a good year for the traditional Chinese medicine industry. From the popularity of traditional Chinese medicine in Rio to the availability of traditional Chinese medicine for acupuncturists in New York State, the internationalization process is gradually accelerating, and the scientific development is also singing all the way. At the end of 2016, China's first law on traditional Chinese medicine, the law of the people's Republic of China on traditional Chinese medicine, was finally passed at the meeting. Although the law will be implemented from July 1st, 2017, it is of great significance to the development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry. With legal support, traditional Chinese medicine will be more standardized and scientific

look, hear, ask, write prescriptions, and then fill the medicine. The era of handwritten accounts is about to catch up with the development of the times. On the one hand, patients' time is precious, on the other hand, doctors also need to speed up the diagnosis time of a single patient, so the process from traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis to medicine taking needs to catch up with the pace of informatization and improve efficiency. Many traditional Chinese medicine clinics have begun real-time information management, such as the hospital call system we are familiar with. Even if it is one, like other internal management of enterprises, traditional Chinese medicine clinics also need to do inventory management, account accounting and other work, so a software that can manage patients at the same time and manage the purchase, sale and inventory of traditional Chinese medicine in detail is very necessary

the following case is a story of sparks between a traditional Chinese medicine clinic and CRM software. The protagonists in the case are Dalian yuezhutang traditional Chinese medicine clinic (hereinafter referred to as yuezhutang) and xtools CRM software

Like most traditional Chinese medicine clinics, yuezhutang has set up TCM internal medicine consulting rooms, acupuncture massage rooms, pharmacies, and decoction rooms. From the reception of patients, the whole process of medical services can be provided. Before they met xtools, the main problem that bothered them was the large number of patients. Each time, they needed to ask patients for detailed medical records repeatedly. In addition, the inventory and account management of the pharmacy are relatively chaotic, mainly in the form of manual accounts. Each check and check is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and it is easy to make mistakes. There is no way to pre-warning the lower limit of inventory, resulting in the backlog of individual medicinal materials or insufficient inventory. The situation of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively special. If the inventory of a single medicinal material is insufficient, the whole prescription cannot be dispensed. In fact, generally speaking, it is necessary to manage the details of patients so that doctors can check the records during the next consultation. In addition, it is necessary to manage the purchase, sale and inventory of medicinal materials in detail

xtools' pre-sales consultants put forward targeted solutions according to the actual situation of yuezhutang:

first, personalized management of patients is carried out through the management of individual customers in the system. The interface of customer view in xtools CRM can visually show all the special situations and interrogation records of the patient. The part of user portrait can be customized according to the particularity of TCM outpatient patients, and through SFA function, You can also make an orderly return visit to the patients who have been interviewed to avoid the patients missing the next consultation

second, the management of purchase, sale and inventory of medicinal materials. Xtools' CRM not only includes customer management and sales management, but also includes the function of purchase, sale and inventory. Therefore, the whole process from the purchase and warehousing of medicinal materials to the placing and taking of orders by patients can be managed. The stock in and out of medicinal materials can be managed in an orderly manner. The quantity and amount can be summarized automatically, and reports can also be generated directly. All processes are automatic, It avoids the problem that manual book is easy to make mistakes and data lag in terms of our company's business process. In addition, the real-time viewing function of the inventory account is also very powerful, which makes it easier to count. It is worth mentioning that the upper and lower limit of inventory warning function, using the square degree meter with accuracy of 0 and 05/1000 to stop and correct the storage of traditional Chinese medicine. Unlike western medicine, special attention should be paid to that the environment should not be wet, and the safety stock quantity of each kind of medicine is different. This problem is well solved through the inventory warning function in xtools

third, the cooperation of various departments, the prescription (order), payment, pharmacy weighing, and taking drugs after consultation can be realized through the system. In addition, it is the real-time push function of messages. No matter our nurses or doctors, they can work together through PC or terminal

unlike western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine clinics often think of the most primitive scenes of manual consultation and herbal medicine boiling in our minds. The actual situation is that, like other industries, traditional Chinese medicine clinics can also enjoy the fruits of technological innovation in the tide of interconnection. In order to achieve better development, the above cases are the best representatives of the sparks between TCM outpatient service and CRM software

xtools mentioned above is a technology company focusing on product research and development and providing services in the field of CRM. It first proposed the concept of CRM software and launched the version in time in the era of mobile Internet. It not only promotes Mongolia's efforts to join the organization, but also includes the functions of purchase, sales and inventory. It is committed to providing a useful management tool for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also a model of all-round management software, regardless of industry. No matter what industry you are in, you can register to experience ()

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