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Traditional calendar printing calls for innovation

at the end of 2002, we saw in a small commodity wholesale market in Beijing that there were few customers in front of the traditional calendar stall. With the changes of the times, the calendar, which used to be the pillar of profit making in printing houses, gradually faded out of people's sight

in the past, the wall calendar met the needs of looking at the calendar and decorating the wall. This is to solve the two traditional problems of industrial production at a higher level, namely, increasing output and reducing cost. Now, these functions have been replaced by a new generation of goods such as, business communications, decorative paintings, digital photos, etc. According to insiders, there are three characteristics in the calendar market this year: 1. The traditional calendar is gradually transforming to a business calendar. The sales of business desk calendars and desk calendars are good, and most of them are purchased by units. 2. Personalized calendar is gradually replacing the traditional calendar and becoming the new favorite of urbanites. Many people make calendars with pictures of themselves or their families. This is not only a meaningful souvenir, but also a fashionable gift. 3. The scenery of the exquisite wall calendar remains. Calendars with well-known Chinese paintings, Western oil paintings, famous calligraphy and other artistic themes, as well as calendars made of rice paper, silk canvas or gold foil crystal and other arts and crafts materials, sell relatively well. This shows that the consumer group of calendars has not disappeared, and there will be another market if there are fine products

in the calendar market, it is noted that the volume of the calendar is "shrinking", and its size has gradually shrunk from open or even full open in the hot period to 4 or 8 open. The wall calendar is no longer used for the new year, but has become a memorial and ornament in people's daily life

maybe in a few years, the calendar may continue to be brilliant in the collectible market like the old year paintings

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