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Traditional Chinese medicine packaging: brand, beauty, modernization

due to the nonstandard, nonstandard and insufficient packaging design of traditional Chinese medicine packaging, it did not form a brand effect, which not only encountered consumer resistance in the domestic market, but also became a "barrier" for the export of traditional Chinese medicine. China's 5000 year history of civilization has created a profound and unique culture of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the largest country in the world for the production and use of natural drugs. The packaging of traditional dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine soup, cream, pill, Dan and San, which have been handed down for thousands of years, has been used in paper bags and cartons, glass bottles, plastic bags and cartons for a long time. Chinese herbal medicines produced in China are now not only exported to traditional regions such as Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, but also imported directly from developed countries such as Europe and the United States in recent years. Then they are further processed and refined packaged, leaving high profits to themselves. Industry insiders have called for packaging to become one of the bottlenecks in the export of traditional Chinese medicine

the problem of traditional Chinese medicine packaging is exposed in the export:

because the materials used in the packaging and decoration of traditional Chinese medicine products can not meet the needs of the international market, in the export process of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, the packaging of domestic traditional Chinese medicine is often poor and does not meet the requirements of foreign markets, resulting in the transportation of domestic proprietary Chinese medicine to foreign countries for repacking, packaging, and packaging, allowing foreign businessmen to make high profits from it. As a supporting process of traditional Chinese medicine production, packaging plays a very important role. At present, China has more than 1000 manufacturers that meet the requirements of drug packaging containers. They have achieved initial results in changing the backward packaging of traditional Chinese medicine. From the traditional soup, ointment, pill, pill and powder of traditional Chinese medicine in the past, they have been transformed into new dosage forms of tablets, capsules, injections, oral liquids and concentrated pills of traditional Chinese medicine, which can be said to be different from the past. However, the problem of unreasonable drug packaging is still serious. For example, for the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine capsules, in order to reduce the cost, only PVC packaging is used. The best is PVDC. In fact, this kind of packaging can not guarantee the quality of drugs. If a layer of packaging materials such as aluminum film is not added outside, it will be difficult to ensure that the moisture will remain qualified within the validity period. Unqualified moisture will lead to unqualified items such as loading difference and properties. The main reason for the unreasonable packaging phenomenon is that the domestic Chinese herbal medicine industry is limited to packaging cost factors and cannot choose better packaging materials and printing processes. In recent years, due to the increasing demand for traditional Chinese medicine in the international market, the price of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine has increased year by year. Coupled with the impact of Japanese and Korean enterprises on the domestic market in terms of traditional Chinese medicine, the profit space of domestic traditional Chinese medicine has gradually narrowed. All traditional Chinese medicine enterprises have begun to strictly control production costs, including product packaging. It is reported that the products of Chinese patent medicine enterprises are the same as those sold domestically in terms of packaging when they are exported. Unless foreign investors have special requirements, Chinese patent medicine products are in a passive position when they are exported, which neither plays the role of packaging in protecting the quality of drugs, nor strengthens the publicity effect of packaging on drugs, so as to further expand their export volume

Modernization: packaging standards are not standardized

adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicine have been frequently exposed. Insiders said that the "piping" of many adverse reactions has endangered the safety of traditional Chinese medicine "Taidi". However, a very realistic and cruel problem is that many insiders in the field of traditional Chinese medicine are well aware of adverse reactions. Why can they not write the drug instructions to tell consumers? How long will consumers' withholding rights be infringed? According to the provisions of the drug administration law, the drug packaging must be printed or pasted with labels and instructions according to the provisions. The general name, composition, specification, manufacturer, approval number, product batch number, production date, expiry date, indications or functions, usage, dosage, taboos, adverse reactions and precautions of the drug must be indicated on the labels or instructions. It should be emphasized that the requirements of the law for adverse reactions of drugs are, It must be noted. Relevant authorities pointed out that China's traditional Chinese medicine industry is still in its infancy on the whole, and the production of traditional Chinese medicine has not achieved modern production. Due to the complexity of the ingredients of Chinese patent medicines or preparations, the effective ingredients of some traditional Chinese medicines are not clearly identified. The lack of quantitative indicators, the lack of clear standards for the content of active ingredients and standardized testing methods have led to nonstandard packaging labels of traditional Chinese medicine, which do not meet the international market drug packaging standards. The size of packaging measurement units is different. Some packaging has long been banned internationally, and some packaging measurement units still use "money" instead of the internationally used "gram", and the packaging materials are more diverse. In order to make Chinese patent medicines recognized by more countries, we must make Chinese traditional medicine enterprises meet the requirements of GMP as soon as possible, strive to make the packaging in line with international standards as soon as possible, and promote more varieties of Chinese herbal medicine products to obtain export "passes"

brand: packaging design lacks national characteristics

at present, China's drug packaging is still relatively backward on the whole, mainly in the single and plain design. In addition to differences in color, many packaging words and patterns are identical, which is easy to cause confusion. Marketing experts pointed out that interactive personalized marketing has become the mainstream mode of marketing, and personalized consumption puts forward higher requirements for drug packaging design. Today, when products are highly homogeneous, the packaging of products also has the phenomenon of "isomorphism". In drug packaging, consumers are not concerned about fancy patterns, but whether their feelings are respected, whether the products have affinity, whether they reflect the taste of the target group and the living side. The order volume of injection molding machines in the fourth quarter fell by nearly 5 percentage points compared with the same period in 2012. Those pleasing to the eye and high-grade packaging are naturally favored. This requires designers to go deep into life and pay attention to the grasp of human nature when designing packaging. For example, portable drug travel packages, lively and cute cartoon children's packages, and enlarged size instructions for elderly patients, all of which are beneficial to consumers, all reflect human nature

as a treasure of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese patent medicine has a very deep cultural and historical heritage. When consumers buy Chinese patent medicine, they are largely choosing a brand. When the brand is established. Enterprises should strengthen the identification and publicity of brand and product packaging, and enhance the cognitive effect of customers on brand products. In this way, there is a problem of how to give full play to the cultural characteristics of Chinese patent medicine and comply with the requirements of international pharmaceutical packaging in terms of text and pattern standardization. Such as the design of herbal medicine that highlights the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, descriptive words that introduce the history of the brand, and calligraphy that best represents the traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine to decorate the name of drugs. Compared with western medicine, these most colorful design and decoration methods are not consistent with the relevant laws and regulations of the current drug packaging design. Therefore, how to find a traditional Chinese medicine packaging design idea and direction is crucial to establish the pure brand and traditional image of Chinese medicine and further develop the international market. With the acceleration of international trade integration, drug packaging to achieve a wider range of communication, with the ability to work to instigate global recognition, has become a part of the enterprise strategy. However, packaging design cannot be globalized for the sake of globalization. Any packaging design has its inseparable national traditional cultural background. Only the national is the world, and only the drug packaging with national color will be different

beauty: let traditional Chinese medicine package beauty

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recently, some customers put forward their views on the packaging of Chinese herbal medicine when buying Chinese herbal medicine in pharmacies. Because he found that the packaging of Chinese herbal medicine was extremely simple, and he had always used the old paper packaging, "can such packaging ensure hygiene", he expressed doubts. In addition, with the use of disposable plastic bags, pharmacies are now covering paper bags with large plastic bags. For such a simple package, customers put forward suggestions: can pharmacies improve the packaging of Chinese herbal medicine to make it more beautiful and hygienic

in this regard, some people also advocated that Chinese herbal medicine should not be "over packaged", because this mid autumn festival, the problem of over packaging moon cakes has attracted the attention of the whole society. The state has also issued a national standard for moon cake packaging, which restricts moon cake packaging to prevent waste of resources

guest: Yin Bowu, Yan Guojin, Wang xianbo, Zhu Guilin, Qiu Aifen, Zhu Lihua

host: Peach demon

what is the traditional packaging

peach demon: what is the traditional Chinese medicine packaging like

Yin Bowu: it has been a traditional practice for thousands of years to pack prepared Chinese herbal pieces with wrapping paper. 8

the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine in the past dynasties is very particular. The packaging is generally divided into two styles, one is square bag, the other is tiger head bag. The square bag shall be aligned with edges and corners, and square with edges and corners; Tiger head bag requires two corner pairs, high in the middle and low in the margin. In those days, the first priority for apprentices to enter the drugstore was to practice wrapping paper bags. In addition to being beautiful in appearance, traditional Chinese medicine packaging pays more attention to the quality of paper bags. Whether seeds or powders, they should be tightly sealed. The old pharmacist will throw your paper bag out of the three foot counter without powder and small seeds spilling

disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicine packaging

peach demon: is the traditional Chinese medicine packaging really exquisite and practical? But now such packaging is very rare. It is common to use ordinary paper to pack it at will. Some pharmacies directly use disposable plastic packaging in order to save trouble. What disadvantages do you think such traditional Chinese medicine packaging has

Yan Guojin: Nowadays, many pharmacies are not standardized in the packaging of Chinese herbal medicine, so the packaging does not meet the health requirements, nor does it meet the requirements of short-term storage; There are also "three noes" on the outer package, without the name of Chinese herbal medicine, dose, method of use, etc. Chinese herbal medicine is also a kind of commodity. Besides, it is a special commodity, which is related to the health of consumers. The packaging must meet certain requirements and standards

Wang xianbo: the traditional method of packaging traditional Chinese medicinal materials with kraft paper in pharmacies is obviously unscientific and unsafe. Because there is no unified package, filling drugs in pharmacies is completed by manual operation, which is neither hygienic nor can guarantee the dose. Therefore, there is a phenomenon that "there are more and more prescriptions, bigger and bigger medicine bags, but the efficacy is getting worse and worse". On the other hand, it is not very beautiful

how to pack traditional Chinese medicine

peach demon: since this kind of packaging has various disadvantages, how do you think it should be improved

Yin Bowu: it affects the normal use of the experimental machine. I think we can still use the traditional packaging. The traditional Chinese medicine wrapping paper is also printed with relevant usage methods, so that consumers can see it at a glance. The large wrapping paper can also be printed with the words of popularizing traditional Chinese medicine culture, such as taking medicine, decocting medicine, conditioning instructions, etc. Now many pharmacies have eliminated these in order to save trouble. I think these should be retained. In addition, they can also print the drug store number, address and number according to the strategic strategy of the company's headquarters and the Asia Pacific region on the envelope paper. They can also publicize the service purpose, business philosophy, etc., which can play a role in informing widely and improving the corporate brand

as the saying goes, "the nation is the world". In a large traditional Chinese medicine store in Shanghai, I saw a traveling foreigner who witnessed the whole process of the salesperson wrapping piles of prepared traditional Chinese medicine on the counter with paper printed with the store number, two in a stack, two in a stack, and then skillfully fastening it with binding wire

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