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The annual output value of Taicang port new material industrial park reaches 5billion yuan

Huicong coating news: the new material industry in Taicang Port Economic Development Zone has gathered rapidly. Following the settlement of a number of new material industrial projects of central enterprises such as Sinochem Industrial Park and Beixin building materials, recently, the American Yikang group, a world's top 500 enterprise, invested another 90million dollars to start the construction of Jixi company, a relatively resource-based city of Yikang (Taicang) Technology Co., Ltd, A new material industry base is accelerating here

Taicang port area has the largest advanced lubricant production base in China, the largest clean energy base in East China, and the largest PVC production base in the province. Compared with traditional industries, the new material industry has the characteristics of highly intensive technology, high R & D and development investment, high product added value, strong internationalization of production and market, wide application range, good development prospects, etc. in recent years, Taicang port has strengthened the introduction and development of new material industry. Beixin building materials uses the "breathing" gypsum board produced by desulfurized gypsum, which is the waste of power enterprises. When the air is wet, it will absorb some water molecules and keep the room dry; When the air is dry, some water molecules will be released to regulate indoor humidity. New materials are not only adopted by Shanghai WorldExpo, but also favored by Shanghai Disneyland Park

Taicang Huayi chemical, together with scientific research institutes such as Shanghai University and Tongji University, has recently developed a lithium ion battery additive, which can not only prolong the battery standby time, but also prolong the battery charging times. Now every three batteries sold in the domestic market, one battery uses this lithium ion battery additive. At the beginning of the establishment of Taicang xuchuan resin, a research and development center and a pilot plant were established to ensure product quality, continuously introduce new processes and develop new products. The output value of the enterprise in one year of operation reached 800million yuan. The sales of the artificial leather slurry produced by the enterprise accounted for about 20% of the market in China, which was able to cope with trade protectionism. High magnetic separation rollers were selected, and high-end products accounted for about 60% of the Chinese market

Sinochem Industrial Park invested by Sinochem Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, has not only built a 134a unit with an annual output of 20000 tons and a PTMEG unit with an annual output of 20000 tons in Taicang port area, but also recently completed pilot tests of several new products such as fluoro plant finishing agent and fluoroester. Fluoro plant finishing agent is very magical. As long as a little fluoro plant finishing agent is coated on ordinary white cloth, it will have the effect of water, oil and dirt prevention and stain, Clean it with a gentle wipe

it is understood that from January to July this year, Sinochem industrial park can only replace 134a of freon, achieving an output value of 480 million yuan and a profit of 197 million yuan. As for the functional new material industry like 134a, Taicang port area has gathered 38 enterprises after friction, such as Beixin building materials, xuchuan resin, Qinghua ernai, and Xia chemical, with an annual output value of 5billion yuan. With the accelerated construction and settlement of a number of new projects, it is expected that the output value of the new material industry in Taicang port area is expected to exceed 10billion yuan within three years

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