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[focus on talents conference] the annual output value can exceed 500 million yuan! The water and soil Park of Liangjiang New Area will add a research and development base for surgical robots

smart life is everywhere. In recent years, doctors' second hands - surgical robots have also begun to come to our lives. "2019 Chongqing talents conference" will be held in Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 9 to 10. According to Liangjiang group, as one of the investment projects of this conference, Chongqing Jingxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will officially sign a contract with Liangjiang New Area to build a research and development, pilot test and production base for medical surgical robots in Shuitu park

according to the content of the agreement, the base will thoroughly solve the problem of brain neurosurgery surgery target displacement by establishing an integrated artificial intelligent surgical robot and intraoperative magnetic resonance fluoroscopy real-time navigation system, and realize the functions of high field magnetic resonance compatibility, intelligent stereotactic, visual real-time navigation, intraoperative real-time fluoroscopy positioning, immediate postoperative image verification, artificial intelligence assisted target recognition and optimization of surgical path

the relevant person in charge of Jingxing technology said that the advantage of this system is that it can realize the whole process of visual real-time guidance, and monitor the surgical operation surface to directly reach the pathological source nerve nucleus. In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence, it can also realize the preset operation plan. Through the verification of basic and clinical trials, the system has established a clinical demonstration base, and will continue to be further applied to other neurosurgery

at present, Jingxing technology has set up a research and development team. In early October this year, it developed the first stage C1 prototype. Polypropylene materials account for about 48% of the plastic consumption of the whole vehicle. The second stage prototype is under development and is expected to be completed by the end of this year

it is worth mentioning that this project is a key introduction project of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and Zhongguancun medical engineering transformation (Chongqing) center. After the mass production of the first batch of products, the annual output value can exceed 500 million yuan

at present, the transformation center has attracted nearly 40 well-known enterprises, including Liangjiang pilot, sikoma, Kaixiang Hongkang, Yixin Bochuang, lingchuang medical Valley and Meide Yuanjian, which will undoubtedly first adopt hydrostatic transmission as their main transmission device. It is expected that by the end of this year, this number will reach 100

in recent years, the pharmaceutical industry in Liangjiang New Area has maintained rapid growth. Six pharmaceutical bases, including Peking University pharmaceutical, Yaoyou pharmaceutical, Huabang pharmaceutical, boten pharmaceutical, Runsheng pharmaceutical and hemony pharmaceutical, have been gathered in Shuitu park. Relying on the new standard engineering transformation (Chongqing) center of Zhongguancun medicine, Wistron medical transformation center, Fugui medical transformation center and other innovative platforms, it has formed a collection of high-end medical devices, digital medical equipment A large health industry innovation chain integrating diagnostic reagents, digital medical equipment and health care services

the debate about the fireproof performance of thermal insulation wall materials has not stopped (Zhao Peng)

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