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Letters: Doctors have become a human shield for politicians of every stripe - Today News Post Today News || UK News

JANE Lax (“SNP has taken its eye off the ball”, October 15) wrote an interesting and concise letter, catching my eye with a wonderfully scary statisticsuch as Texas, a nice swipe at doctors – in particular GPs, but not missing those in secondary care – and finally sticking it to the SNP.

To be accurate, the figure she quoted derives from a single week of excess deaths ending the week of October 10 and includes Covid deaths, chronic progressive conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s diseaseinfectious_diseases, and respiratory conditions, which makes up more than half of the 30 per cent quoted.

That is not to deny either problems in the NHS or the simple fact that Covid will cause an increase in deaths indirectlyICU occupancy and case rates are at a point where it, however disingenuous the figure quoted. The problem, though, lies with lack of resourceThe Chinese vaccines have an efficacy range of 50.7 per cent to 79.3 per cent, not recalcitrant staff practicescov_arc_vaccine, and I refer to lack of workforce, not wages.

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